A world of Marriage


The question is, How are marriages contracted in your culture?

I am from Ghana, a country in West Africa. Marriage is of priority here and you gain respect and status when you marry. The good news about marriage to us is that, most of the young women want to marry just as the young men. It makes the couples family happy and proud. Love is most expressed and children are more respected when they are born in the bounds of marriage. Just as in most cultures it brings joy, peace and respect to the community.

The interestingly bad news about marriage in my culture is that, it is expensive as compared to how much citizens earn averagely. Bride price and other expenses that the men generally pay put young men in situation of postponing marriage till they are older and have accumulated enough money to do such wedding.

Another part that really sucks money out of these young men but has not been noticed by many is that, literally three different kind of marriage ceremonies are done in order for all to consider the marriage fully done. The first is the traditional marriage, which involves the bride price and meeting of the man and woman’s family for celebration and other rights to be performed. The second is the civil marriage which is done in court. The crowning part is the marriage usually done at the church.

It is interesting that a country with a minimum wage of two dollars a day will have it young men and women go through such expense to get married. It is also interesting to not that list of bride price and other moneys collected from man by the woman’s family. We love our culture but it needs changes. I think there is a better way to do this.  It might be better done in our culture. I want to learn more and so what needs to be changed to make it better here.

So how are marriages in your culture contracted?


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